Please, Do not DONATE or VOLUNTEER for Amnesty International

If you do, consider that you will giving up your right to privacy and will be contributing to a  organization which will demand your money at regular intervals (more than once a week) and sell your name and mail address to other organizations which will do likewise.

I have made the mistake in the past to contribute to the organization known as Amnesty International. I didn’t realise the amount of paper mail I would be receiving, now did I expect to have my personal information sold to any organisation, much less have it sold to so many.

I have copied [Fairuse] from their webpage on Privacy Information for your viewing, and have highlighted in bold and italics the important details. (Warning the page contains many, many ads which block viewing intially.)

Opting Out

All persons who join or donate to Amnesty International, whether via regular postal mail, over the phone or through the Web site, will receive periodic updates from Amnesty International by these same methods (regular mail, phone or e-mail). You may request limited mail updates or request no phone calls by contacting Member Services. Further, we may occasionally exchange or rent the names and postal addresses of our members with other organizations in exchange for access to their member or supporter lists, so that we can invite others to join Amnesty International. If you prefer to opt out having your name/address exchanged in this manner, please contact Member Services.

After calling and emailing, I now believe OPT OUT is NOT possible with this SPAM organisation.

Do not make the same mistake as me, or these people.