Memorial Day

Decoration Day.

Go forth ye brave and gallant men,
    Ye patriotic noble band,
Who shouldered arms and risked your lives
    To save from foes our noble land.
Comrades that fell in that defence,
    That in their graves now silent lie;
Their gallant deeds and honored names,
    In patriot hearts will never die.
God has decked our land with flowers,
    On heroes’ graves should now be spread;
By living patriot hands that are,
    Should be scattered o’er the dead.
Ne’er was wrote on history’s page
    More gallant deeds by heroes brave,
Who fought and bled in freedom’s cause,
    Our land and liberties to save.
Their deeds will still in memory live,
    While time shall last or country stand,
And men are found truthful and brave,
    And heaven smiles on freedom’s land.
May peace reign o’er our happy land,
    While nations live and time shall be,
And God be honored by ail men,
    Loved and adored on land and sea.
__Frederick B. Hill.